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      Nigel PARTON  

This lecture will provide some personal critical reflections on changes in policies and professional practices in relation to child abuse and neglect over the last twenty five years. In particular it will consider some similarities and differences between a number of advanced western nations and  the impact of the current economic and financial challenges.

In what direction shall we go? The issue of child abuse as a crowbar. Prof. Nigel Parton.  While there are important distinctions and variations in the policies, organisational framework and jurisdictions between Western societies – particularly those based more on American and those on European and Nordic models – there is also no doubt that the problem of child abuse and what to do about it has become a major one for all Western societies over the last thirty years. The issue is posing major problems for all health, welfare and criminal justice systems. The central argument of this presentation will be that it is important to locate these developments in the context of important social changes being experienced by all late modern Western societies. The central focus will be to critically discuss some of these key social changes and how they have impacted on the way we conceive of and respond to the issue of child abuse. The issue of child abuse is seen as a major contributor to and resultant of an increased sense of social anxiety and insecurity, and important changes around identity, family and community structures, and the overall decline in tradition. In the context of these important changes in social and cultural experiences, it will be argued that concerns about the child, and in particular childhood vulnerabilities, have taken on an increased significance and therefore pose major problems for those who have devolved to them the responsibility for trying to do something about it.


  Critical Reflections on Changing Policies and
Professional Practices in Response to Child Abuse
and Neglect
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