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Parent care has profound effects on stress response
signaling pathways in offspring.
I will discuss the hypothesis that epigenetic processes
early in life play a role in defining interindividual
trajectories of behaviour,
with implications for mental health in adulthood.

Epigenetics and Trauma.
Prof. Patrick Mc Gowan. By studying the brains of suicide victims he found that child abuse modifies a gene called NR3C1 that affects a person's ability to deal with stress. These types of changes are very long-lasting, which strongly suggests that the trauma of child abuse could be permanently inscribed onto a person's genes.

  Patrick McGowan  
  The epigenetic signature of early life  
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Child abuse and neglect, the facts

3th international conference

8 & 9 november 2012 Leuven Belgium Vertrouwenscentrum voor Kindermishandeling Vlaams Brabant Professor P. Adriaenssens

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