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     Kate Hefferon   Kate is a Chartered Psychologist and Programme Leader for the MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at the University of East London. Kate’s PhD thesis was on the experience of Post-traumatic growth among female breast cancer survivors and the role of the body and physical activity in the recovery and growth process. Other areas of interest are existential psychology, optimal experiences, the psychology of physical activity and interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA). Kate is the author of several peer reviewed papers, books and book chapters and has presented at conferences nationally and internationally.
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Child abuse and neglect, the facts

3th international conference

8 & 9 november 2012 Leuven Belgium Vertrouwenscentrum voor Kindermishandeling Vlaams Brabant Professor P. Adriaenssens

Trauma & geheugen, Prof. Elke Geraerts Rotterdam
ARC trauma behandelprogramma Prof. Margaret Blaustein Boston
Trauma & genetica Prof. Patrick McGowan Ontario
E-hulpverlening aan traumaslachtoffers Prof. F.Lange Amsterdam Kritische analyse van evoluties in het landschap van jeugdbescherming, jeugdzorg en justitie Prof.Nigel Parton Londen
Post traumatic growth Prof. Kate Hefferon Londen