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Margaret E. Blaustein, Ph.D

Treating Complex Childhood Trauma: Targeting the Building Blocks of Resilience Using the ARC treatment Framework”


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The Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency (ARC) framework (Kinniburgh & Blaustein, 2005; Blaustein & Kinniburgh, 2010) is a core-components treatment model, developed to provide a guiding framework for thoughtful clinical intervention with trauma-impacted youth and their caregiving systems.  Drawing from the fields of trauma, attachment, and child development, the framework recognizes the importance of working with the child-in-context, of acknowledging the role of historical experiences and adaptive responses in current presentation, and of intervening with the surrounding environment – whether primary caregivers or treatment system – to support and facilitate the child’s healthy growth and development.  This workshop will provide an introduction to and overview of the ARC framework domains and key components.



































Child abuse and neglect, the facts

3th international conference

8 & 9 november 2012 Leuven Belgium Vertrouwenscentrum voor Kindermishandeling Vlaams Brabant Professor P. Adriaenssens

Trauma & geheugen, Prof. Elke Geraerts Rotterdam
ARC trauma behandelprogramma Prof. Margaret Blaustein Boston
Trauma & genetica Prof. Patrick McGowan Ontario
E-hulpverlening aan traumaslachtoffers Prof. F.Lange Amsterdam Kritische analyse van evoluties in het landschap van jeugdbescherming, jeugdzorg en justitie Prof.Nigel Parton Londen
Post traumatic growth Prof. Kate Hefferon Londen